What Are The Best Combat Boots

We’ll never know why but combat boots are in style. Who’s got the best ones? Best combat boots? What’s a good price? What are they made of? Are they cool or are they crude? Are they men’s, are they women’s, does it matter? Are they Goth or are they ‘go army’? Here are some of the best combat boots available for your enjoyment.

Plain toe combat boots range between $140 up to $153 and are available at Patriot Surplus; some Demonia Pleaser attack boots are available on E-bay for only $15.00; men’s Ripple 10 inchers from Boot Features are 120 bucks…. The list goes on. Here’s the thing. Why wear combat boots as a style? I get the Goth look, in fact I kind of like it. But combat boots… I don’t know. But if you like them, you can find a great selection at Amazon.
Best Combat Boots
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I was once an EMT and we wore the high boots that were Army combat boot style. I haven’t worked out on the streets for a long time now but I did keep the boots and I do still wear them. It was funny when I would answer a call and some of the people that were on the scene would be all about the boots. “OMG, I love your boots”, “where did you get those boot, they’re so cool”, and so on. They were cool actually, and I love them. They zip up the side even though they tie up the front. The zipper is for easy ‘on and off’ just in case you’re sleeping when an emergency call comes in. And they did. The boots were durable and actually very comfortable. They even had this wheel in the heel that you could turn to adjust the support and cushion. Actually kind of high tech, I guess.

Are They Comfortable?

So if the army boots that everybody’s wearing today are comfortable, that I can understand. And if people just think that they look cool, I guess I can understand that, too. Who’s got the best combat boots? That’s easy. Go to any uniform store. I’m pretty sure Uncle Sam couldn’t care less about our soldiers’ feet being comfortable so I wouldn’t go to an army surplus store. Beside, those have probably been used beyond redemption. Hit up the uniform stores that the paramedics, fire department, police and other emergency personnel shop at for their uniforms. We are concerned about comfortable feet, believe me.

Those kinds of boots I can help you with… Ridge Air Attack Quarter boots; Magnum Tactical boots; Ariat; Rocky Eliminator or Rocky 911; Rocky First Med Technology; Danner; Warrenton Pro… The list goes on and on. And be sure that they fit well and that they’re comfortable. You’re going to pay for these new combat boots, trust me on that too. But they are durable and they will last you for almost ever. Or you can just hit up the army surplus store, Goodwill, rummage sales and other resale shops if you don’t care about how comfortable they are. Me, personally? If my feet are NOT comfortable, no one around me is going to be comfortable either. And that’s a promise, whether or not you say they’re the best combat boots.