Converse Combat Boots

Converse shoes in some circles are best known as the skater boy’s shoe. The black high cut Converse kicks are a staple in every skater’s wardrobe and they are that for a reason. They have a great grip on the ankle ensuring less slip ups and the traction on the sole is just right for holding on to the board while it is in motion and yet it is still flat enough that it’s easy to just jump of the board when it goes out of control. But did you know that there are Converse combat boots as well? These kicks are a fresh take on the army pair and while they may not be the official shoes of the soldiers, they are tough enough to take on the rough terrain of the urban jungle. The Converse combat boots are much more stylish compared to the official kicks of the armed forces but then they have to be; they are the kind of shoes that are meant to be seen and only incidentally are they made to be battered. The kicks feel like they are molded to the foot and they offer a different kind of protection that one can definitely feel upon sporting the kicks. They fit really well and they look great as well.

Converse Boots: Women's Composite Toe Stealth Work Boots
Converse Boots: Women’s Composite Toe Stealth Work Boots. Click here for details.

Big collectors will not be able to resist the chance to get a hold of these shoes and Converse fans will surely want to own their own pair whether to wear it to the streets or to just keep it in their collections. At Converse there is definitely a shoe for everyone and there is a shoe for every taste. Styles are available for both men and women and they also have sizes and styles for children. Now whole families can be kitted out by the same shoe brand and they will all be wearing the same brand assured of the same quality. Now that’s a different kind of bonding moment and that will surely be one for the pictures. And it could be very convenient to all just shop in one place instead of having everybody trekking off to different places in the mall. So why not just settle into the same store and have everyone trying on their shoes all in one place. Not only will it be a great bonding experience it will also be a great physical experience shared by a common brand.