Girl Combat Boots – The Latest Fashion Statement

Girl combat boots are all the rage in the fashion world as of late. Currently, superstars, celebrities, and teenagers right along with ‘fashionistas’ strut their stuff down the street in them. Combat boots have suddenly become the latest expression of rebellion.

Madden Girl Women's Westmont Combat Boot
Madden Girl Women’s Westmont Combat Boot. Click here for details.

Well now, she’s gone and done it.
President Obama’s daughter is wearing girl combat boots. Now every single teenager wants to know where to get them. Knockoffs have been located at Urban Outfitters, Piper Lime Gap, DR Martens and Zappos. If you want the real thing, you are going to try to get in touch with her and I wish you luck in your endeavor. Honorable mention went to Doc Marten Triumph boots and someone else simply went with

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Men’s or women’s girl combat boots?

I don’t know that the fact that they are women’s combat boots is going to make that big of a difference other than sizing. And how important is sizing after all? If they fit, if they feel good and if they look cool; sold! And technically the best combat boots are actually pretty comfortable. Not necessarily the combat boots that they wear in the military, but EMS boots are extremely comfortable and durableā€¦ and pricey. But hey, you wanted to know where to get them. Uniform stores are great for the EMS boots. Army surplus stores, secondhand stores, rummage sales and more. Most of those will have a pair of army boots or two sitting around just waiting for a good home.

Are you wearing these girl combat boots to dinner or to school?

Then again if you’re just going for the look and don’t really care much about the comfort or durability, you can pick up some seriously cheap girl combat boots (oh dear God, they even come in pink) a variety of places on the net. You’ll find the most incredible selection, I can’t even tell you. They have brown, black, white, tan, gray, reddish brown, fancy, rugged, dressy, plain. The list goes on and on.

Nevertheless, don’t feel like you have to be into punk rock or Goth in order to be seen in a pair of army boots. Young ladies can wear these using slacks and also frilly, chiffon clothing. Here are a few tips for picking out your combat boots:

  1. Ease and Comfort – Over sized boots are generally built with flexibility in mind. They are not going to expand in the same way shoes will, over time. This is why it’s important to consider convenience. Don’t buy them if they just aren’t comfortable.
  2. Good condition – You’re going to have to decide if you want the used look or the spit shined appearance. Make sure to look for cracks and holes especially if you’re buying a vintage pair. You are probably going to want to be able to wear these boots for an extended period of time.

All in all, they’re quite comfortable to trot around in and look really great with jeans, leggings and casual dress. Incorporate colors to accent the colors in your clothes. The Leather Upper is known for its rich seam details and old fashioned high lace-up closures. These are awesome for an adjustable fit, and at the same time the comfy insert adds additional coziness. Match this boot’s rough design with jeans or up against a summer skirt. Trendy boots focus on edgy design, and fashions that are hot. Unparalleled styles in girl combat boots appeal to trend-setting teens but just as well to the contemporary modern woman.