The Trendy Kinds of Boots

Over the years boots has been seen and has evolved in the world of fashion. When we think of boots the first thing that pops into the mind is to pair it with jeans. Nowadays, boots has been paired with dresses, skirts and leggings. As for the designers these has been a rat race for them since they always have to come up with new things and create more designs that would attract more consumers.

In the early days boots has always been associated with the military. Nowadays, designers have come up with new designs like wedge boots, high cut boots, stiletto boots and may more. Below are some of the boots that are out in the market today.

Different Kinds of Boots

Again, there are so many different kinds of boots that it’s just a matter of choice. Here’s a look at some types of boots that are popular:

  • Wedge Boots – generally made of rubber and bear a thick sole.
  • Work Boots – Often steel toed and sturdy, these boots are designed for rugged use and healthy amounts of abuse on the job site. These are made to stand up to elements, cement mixtures, and clumsy folks that just might drop something on your feet or someone else’s
  • Cowboy Boots – These boots are just like what you see in classic Western movies – they have a thick heal for gripping and holding spurs and a pointed toe for easy horse mounting or mounting horses.
  • Fashion Boots – This covers a wide range of boots, from the Gothic lace up boots, to little ankle boots for children. There are flats, ones with heels and even ones with fur on the inside for total warmth and comfort.
  • Combat boots – These army-inspired boots aren’t just for soldiers anymore, there are many fashionable styles, and these are some of the best kinds of boots to purchase.

Steve Madden Does Combat Boots Just Right

Madden Girl by Steve Madden Womens Round Toe Combat Boots Cognac
Madden Girl by Steve Madden Womens Round Toe Combat Boots Cognac. Click here for details.

Since 1990, Steve Madden has given us a wide range selection of comfortable combat boots to choose from. These sturdy, inexpensive gems are high on the market, and come in a range of styles and sizes. There are classic combat boots, which resemble the old army boots that you would get issued in boot camp. Along with that, they have some with sequins, side zippers and buckles. They come in a variety of colors as well, including ones that are camouflage and lace all the way up. Made to stand up to some elements just like their military counter-part, these Steve Madden Combat Boots are fashionable and functional.

There are shoes for every occasion, and some outfits just don’t look right without a good pair of boots to show off with it. Whatever kind of boots you buy, make sure they are what you want. A good pair of boots will last forever if you treat them right, and are worth the price that you pay to have them. Try them before you buy them, and make that pair that you loved in the store all yours.