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281Z Military Boot Socks - Tactical Trekking Hiking - Outdoor Athletic Sport (Foliage Green)

Brand: 281Z
Category: #86590 in Apparel (Camping & Hiking)
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Socks are designed in such a way that a large amount of sweat is absorbed by the sock, then it is equally distributed over the entire area and evaporates to the outside under the influence of internal pressure inside the footwear. Zones of maximum sweating and wear of socks are reinforced with additional weave. On top of the socks there are special "channels" for additional air circulation and heat exchange. The combination of natural cotton, nylon and elastane create a balance between heat transfer properties and strength characteristics of the socks. Field socks are created by specialists of 281Z Development Group*. All materials which are used in the production of socks are NIR Compliant. Made in Ukraine! *281Z Development Group is a group of specialists in military gear that participated in the soldier's personal equipment enchancement program of Ukrainian Armed Forces.From 2016 to 2018 281Z Development Group cooperated with the popular Ukrainian military brand. All products, that were developed by 281Z are thoroughly tested in field conditions and have proven their quality in combat. IMPORTANT: The average height of the sock is about 13-16 inches. Depending on the size it can be slightly longer or shorter. The fit of the sock heavily depends on you calf width - on the thin leg it can be nearly over-the-calf length. Our socks are made of high quality materials that have high stretchability characteristics. Due to that socks may not feel tight when new,but after some time and couple of washings the sock will "remember" the shape of your foot and will fit perfectly. Please note that when you have boundary size (e.g. size 10) you can choose beetween sizes (e.g. beetween Small and Medium) depending on your preferences. The smaller size will provide more tight, snug fit, while the larger size will provide freer fit.


  • Comfortable fit - bands on the foot and cuff provide tight fit and prevent sock from slipping and also provide slight compression effect to enchance bloodflow during long-term movement.
  • Socks are made from finest combed cotton. Combed cotton means that shorter fibres from the yarn are separated and remowed, making it stronger and softer to the the skin.
  • Sizechart. US shoe size: XS - (men's 3.5-7/women's 4.5-8); S - (men's 6.5-10/women's 7.5-11); M - (men's 9.5-13/women's 10.5-14); L - (men's 12.5-15/women's 13.5-16).
  • Made in Ukraine. Quality proved in combat. Combat tested - design of this socks repeatedly proved its effectiveness in field combat conditions.

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